Naked Geometry talk at MoMath, August 2014

Platonic Transform
Winner: Best of Show, People's Choice Award, Bridges 2013. Presented as a perpetually-looped moving picture in a 15" digital frame.

Bridges 2013, Enschede, Netherlands.

The 5 Platonic solids created from 6 identical human figures. The shape transforms from an icosahedron (20 sides) to a dodecahedron (12 sides) to an octahedron (8 sides) to a cube (6 sides) to a tetrahedron (4 sides) and back to an icosahedron.

The Human Kaleidoscope

How a polyhedral kaleidoscope is made, and what happens when a human goes in...

 Bridges 2012 Film Festival, Baltimore, MD, United States.
music: Abacaba by Mike Naylor

Naked Geometry

 Video collection of artwork from 2011.

music: Collide by Hez Naylor with Half Looking