Other art


This scene is made from the shapes of the binary numbers. There are two columns of numbers, each 4 digits wide. The first column counts from 0-7, the second column is upside down and continues counting from 8 to 15. The 0s are colored white, the 1s are black. 

You are invited to hunt for ghost image, symmetries and number patterns.

This print was shown at Bridges 2013, Enschede, Netherlands, July 2013.

 3 Kings

The numbers 0-222 in base 3 from this totem pole of three kingly faces. (Gandalf, Gimli and Aragorn, perhaps?)


 Before Twilight

A lone figure climbs a staircase on a long trek in the number sequence 0-333 base 4.


The final picture in this series, a five-pointed star with three color bands weaving the count from 0-444 in this base 5 representation.


This image contains 4 fractal elements each of which contains a representation of the binary numbers from 0 to 127 (0 to 1111111). Each quarter of each of the 4 main images was created by starting with a 50% gray square on a white or black background. Two half-size squares are placed adjacent to this square and one half-size square within. The squares are given a shade of gray which averages the two shades around them. This rule is carried out 7 times.

The resulting abacaba fractal contains 128 binary numbers in the sequence from 0 to 127. You are encouraged and challenged to find these binary numbers within the artwork; it is an interesting challenge with many solutions!

Binar was shown at Bridges 2012 in Baltimore, MD, United States, and was part of a month-long exhibition at the Fine Arts Gallery at Towson University.

Binar, 32 cm x 32cm
Digital print on acrylic

Kjempestor fraktal tetraeder

I supervised the construction of this 6+ meter high fractal tetrahedron made from 1 meter long polypropelene pipes. The construction was done by 200 eight grade pupils in honor of the visit of the 2013 Abel prize winner in Trondheim Norway, May 2013.